Liberal Arts

English - PG Diploma 1 Year

  • Classical and Renaissance Poetry American Novel
  • Post-Independence Indian Literature Fiction

The first semester offers the students an understanding of the realm of Post Independence Indian Literature which is extremely essential in discerning the complex dynamics of post colonial India and the discourse of colonization that precedes it. They get an opportunity to understand how fiction records and subsequently alters the socio-cultural realities of the space it captures. Students are able to grasp the major trajectories of Classical Poetry and interrogate various poetical works and their credos within the literary and the extra literary contexts. A thorough analysis of American Literature familiarizes them with the characteristic features of Modern American Fiction. This semester will enhance the overall knowledge of students towards varied forms of literary narratives providing them with an extensive learning opportunity.

  • English 16th and 17th Century Drama
  • Criticism and Theory
  • British Poetry
  • American Poetry and Drama

In the second semester, students deal with subjects that enrich their knowledge on poetry, drama and criticism. This semester will familiarize students with the comic and tragic plays of Shakespeare and a Jacobean play by Johnson originally performed in the 16th and the 17th centuries. In addition, the semester provides them an opportunity to build on the foundations laid by the relevant core course by focusing on literary criticism and theory. They also gain perspective about the major trajectories and canons of British poetry. Apart from all this, they gain insight into understanding, appreciating and critiquing the polyphonic voices that constitute American literary imagination particularly its poetry and drama.

Course Objective

  • To promote a healthy interface between academia and society in order to help them apply the learned skills.
  • To create a strong research oriented theoretical foundation in consonance with recent advances in the discipline of English Literature
  • To equip students with skills and competencies in order to successfully engage with the community.
  • To enable students to take a creative, empirical and ethical approach to the programme that combines conceptual repertoire and research practices in both quantitative and qualitative traditions.

Course Highlights

  1. The programme offers intensive career training in areas like research,teaching,publishing and higher education.
  2. This course aims to introduce the students to the wide range of narratives, theory and criticism in literature and how to apply their knowledge in it.
  3. It helps to study and learn about theories, concepts, tactics and strategies that apply to literary narratives.
  4. Candidates will also get training in social sciences, humanities and natural sciences
  5. It covers several areas of the field such as fiction, poetry and creative writing.
  6. A wide range of activities like fests, seminars, cultural conferences, guest lectures & internships to enhance learning and other necessary skills.


Graduate in any discipline with minimum 50% marks with English subject as a mandate.

Career Opportunity

Through studying English literature, you’ll develop a set of flexible interpersonal and professional skills that ensure you remain agile and able to take on future opportunities.

Upon course completion,our PG Diploma in English students can explore these career opportunities :-

  • An entry point into doctoral studies and an opportunity to venture into university teaching after clearing UGC Net.
  • Teaching creative writing, performing arts and English as a second language.
  • Editing, proofreading, researching and technical writing.
  • Content writing
  • Digital marketing.
  • Print journalism
  • Broadcast journalism.
  • Freelance writing in various domains
  • Librarian.


Lecture Halls and Seminar Rooms

Fully air-conditioned, spacious lecture halls and custom-built seminar rooms, equipped with latest audio-visual aids, provide an excellent infrastructural back-up for academic interaction among faculties and students.


The Library is a veritable storehouse of information with ample text and reference books, national and international periodicals and journals. Well equipped and fully computerized library provides the latest research and reference material in print and audio-visual formats along with the facility to refer to e-journals, project reports, government publications etc. To cultivate values in students and enhance their personality, the library has an array of books on social issues and historical readings. The reading rooms provide a conducive environment for better learning and concentration.

Summer Internship

It is a matter of great pride that our students with their skills and grit are able to score a place in esteemed organizations for their internship. This not only gives them a glimpse of professional world but also equips them with relevant skill set and experience. They undergo summer internships for a period of two months in June and July for hands-on experience to fine-tune their skills and prepare them for applying knowledge in the real world. Students prepare Summer Internship Project reports under the able guidance of the faculties and take Viva as well.

Summer Internship 2021

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Summer Internship 2022

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The transition from undergrad to postgrad can be equally challenging as that from school to undergrad. When new students enter an institution, they come with diverse thoughts, backgrounds and preparations. They come into an unfamiliar environment and most of them have little knowledge of the academic world beyond graduation. Therefore, it becomes an important task to welcome new students to Higher Education and prepare them for their new roles. Conducting activities supplements the academic curriculum and helps the students in learning by doing. These activities help students to develop problem-solving, reasoning, critical thinking, creative thinking, communication and collaborative abilities.

To achieve the goals of the program the following activities are undertaken:

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