Co-Curriculum Activities

Co-Curriculum Activities


Department of English, organised a Story Writing Competition on July 5, 2022, Tuesday where the students were given an open space outside the classrooms to explore the yet unexplored ideas of creative writing on the themes given to them like, setting a story where characters’ life changes for good or where a miracle happens. Three students were also awarded for their best ideas on 07 July 2022 Thursday.

National Crafts Museum

Literature comes from values and beliefs of culture, which is brought to life at National Crafts Museum & Hastkala Academy where different cultural and social aesthetics are demonstrated vividly. Students of the Department of English, 1st and 2nd year visited the museum and attended a lecture offered on the importance of handicraft, inheritance and adaptability on March 31, 2022. They also captured the essence of the rich heritage of Indian culture by witnessing a laavni dance performance.


Our book club ‘Shelf Indulgence’ organized a slam poetry session.
Department of English witnessed an astonishing presentation of drama’s presented by all the undergraduate students on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 for their drama society - Mirage!
Four set of acts were performed- The good person of Schezwan by Bertolt Brecht, Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen, Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe and Abhigyan Shakuntlan by Kalidasa. Out of which First prize was awarded to The good person of schezwan and the second prize was bagged by Abhigyan Shakuntlam. Dr. Faustus was yet another breathtaking presentation and enactment along with Ghosts. The event culminated by an amazing performance by our musical performance by the students of the department.

Documentary (Open Skies)- An Online Event

The sky speaks in thousand colours,Its on us how we listen to its rhythm.

In these unprecedented pessimistic times, in order to boost the morale of our students and to involve them in active participation and productive activities, we took a small initiative named Open Skies, showcasing Documentaries on various social and contemporary issues, prepared by our students.

Amidst this pandemic situation, the only recluse and solace we all find is from soaking the ray of hope illuminated by sky above. The sky binds us all together with a feeling of oneness and unified coexistence. Students applied their creative intellect to make the Documentaries and expressed their subjective viewpoint on crucial issues.

street play
Humayun Tomb


The English Department’s Humayun’s Tomb excursion visit was an amalgamation of history and literature. Art is the gateway to connect history and emotions. Reminiscing the golden times with a hope to create a bridge in exploring the mirth and mien of individuals! Students penned down their experiences and decorated their wall of fame with their creativity.

Magazine :Reflections, Spring Edition, 2021

The Department of English recently launched it's bi-annual magazine "REFLECTIONS". The magazine has been raised as an endeavour to create a wider platform for the students to exhibit their prowess in Poetry, Articles, Stories and Artwork. The idea is to engage students to explore their creative insights and showcase their work; with an aspiration to churn out innovative and artistic content with each publication.

Self Indulgence


We encourage our students to inculcate the habit of reading to gather all the knowledge that the world has to offer. The "Shelf-Indulgence" was one such activity of the book club that was organised. Students shared their delightful thoughts on the books they have read and suggested their recommendations.

Story Writing

Our students participated enthusiastically in 'Story Writing' competition that was organised by the Department to witness their ambiguous and distinguished writing talents. They excelled this arena with their illustrated imagination and efficient efforts to weave it out through words.

Story Writing
Movie Screening

Movie Screenings

The Faculty also arranged 'Movie Screenings' to keep the students titillated in the learnings of their respective subjects. Reading a book and watching a movie based on that novel helped students to understand the details better.(The movies were- Pride and Prejudice, Frankenstein and Train to Pakistan)

Synthesizing Tombstones

The misconception about literature is that it is about stories to be read. However, the stories don't die and they live when the readers feel them. The Final Year students, at the Department of English, paid a homage to the eponymous playwright Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956) , who pricked their conscience to not just read the written word but react to it. The students related to the Brechtian world and remembered their favorite characters from his play "The Good Person of Szechwan '' (1953) in their own way through traits which appealed to them. The activity immortalised the characters of Shen Te, Shui Ta, Shu Fu and Wang through their memorial tombstones. The tribute brought alive the significance of a classic as these characters didn't just remain on pages rather stood for a universal virtue which sensitized the students to the difficulties of becoming "the good person".

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