Co-Curriculur Activities

Freshers 2021

Freshers 2021, a much awaited event for the newcomers in the Department of Liberal Arts, welcoming the 2020 and 2021 Batches. This was a moment filled with excitement and exhilaration for everyone. A gala affair filled with loads of fun, laughter, music and dance was held at "Crowne Plaza". Students walked the ramp with grace, the event was judged by Educationist and Fashion Industry expert Ms. Nancy Sharma. Smashing smiles, vibrant attires and stellar performances mesmerised the audiences. Summing up the event filled with gratification, students assisted and participated with enthusiasm.The exuberance delivered was absolutely euphoric.


The first of its kind “Confluence-2021”, a poetry competition organized by the Department of English, saw prominent professors, Professor Nandini C. Sen and Professor Shibani Phukan from University of Delhi graced the event and delivering their excellence along with their perspective on “transforming narratives”. The theme for the event, Suffering, Hope and Resilience struck a chord among the participants and provided them a medium to showcase their literary imagination, may be an introspection narrative.
Bringing a new behavioral aspect into learning and portraying deliverance into the new beginnings of life and addressing to common stories and ideas behind feminine energies that are carried forward, they graced the event with new understanding towards literary narratives.


History of the Mughal empire and a strong connect to nature was experienced by the students of IInd and IIIrd year, Department of English, JIMS on their excursion to Mehrauli Archeological Park, exploring romanticism, reminiscing the ancient culture, amalgamating theory and reality, on Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Treasure Hunt

To make concept learning fun for the final year students of English literature, Treasure Hunt Activity was organized, wherein the students were asked to hunt for an object from their homes which justified their understanding of realism. Realism means, "representation of the subject matter truthfully, without artificiality..." The activity impressed the students to apply their minds in observing their surroundings and find the application of their classroom understanding in real life objects. As the students enjoyed their hunt, the activity saw some really creative and insightful object interpretations through; a rubberband jar, a bottle with a lid, a candle, an empty glass, to name a few. Through this activity the student's interpretations concluded realism as a broader concept with multiple facets beyond the photographic depiction of reality.

Reflections - Spring Edition, 2022

The Department of English celebrated the launch of its bi-annual magazine, "Reflections" Spring Edition, 2022 on March 30, 2022. All the editors were felicitated by honourable Pro-chancellor V. K. Aggarwal, Ms. Anshoo Walia - HOD Hospitality, Catering, Travel Tourism & Service Industry, Ms. Preeti Bhardwaj - HOD Management and Ms. Anuja Thakar - HOD Liberal Arts-English. The event began with an invocation to Goddess Saraswati, a classical dance performance and felicitation of the guests.

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