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Mrs. Anshoo Walia

The Hospitality, Catering, Travel Tourism & Service Industry course offered by JCC is designed to provide the students with a wide range of skills and knowledge required in the modern service sector. The curriculum aims to groom the students to add value to Service Industry that provides multiple career opportunities, generating enormous opportunities for well-qualified individuals armed with credentials from an elite Institute like JCC. The subjects are taught by highly experienced and well qualified core and visiting faculty. The practical industrial exposure provides our students with a complete education by giving them the opportunities to relate with and apply the knowledge and skills acquired in classrooms.

The programme is designed to develop professionals with cognitive skills in a variety of segments of the Service Industry. The programme comprises of a number of modules that have been carefully selected and developed. For the aspirants, willing to be a part of booming Hotel & Tourism Industry, we at JCC offer exactly what is neededfor a student who islooking for a challenging career in this field. We inculcate in the students the real meaning of the term 'Aathitya', the traditional age old Hospitality for which Indians are known throughout the world, with a right blend of modern techniques.

Mrs. Anshoo Walia, Dean – Department of Hospitality, Catering, Travel Tourism & Service Industry
Chef Vikas Kalra

I am proud to be associated with the Hospitality, Catering, Travel Tourism & Service Industry department at JCC. As a food production faculty, it gives me great opportunity, to share the latest culinary trends with my students. As a chef I always believe that there is more to learn in food and culinary than in any other craft. We conduct practical in small groups which helps students to have personalised attention. The students are given a free hand in the kitchen and here they explore the vast world of regional and international cuisines.

Chef Vikas Kalra, Senior Faculty Food Production

Interior Designing is all about passion and love for comfortable living. Every other day some new technology is being launched in the market. 

New trends, new colors, new material are being brought into market so it becomes really important for a designer to keep updated about the latest innovations to match up to the fast changing scenario of the design field. Interior is field which needs EXPLORATION and hence the need comes for extensive research on the prevailing trends. Hence we focus on industry exposure thus leading to visits to exhibitions, design centers & markets to keep a close watch on the styles & trends.

Visit to exhibitions not only open new horizons for exploring Indian designs & innovations but also global trends. Similarly expert talk by industry gives a new kind of exposure to design aspirants thus helping them solve their queries & gives them an insight as to how they can establish themselves & the problem faced thus making them self sufficient to establish themselves as entrepreneurs.

Ms. Varsha Bhatnagar, Assistant Professor

The research about design paved a way to understand how social structures are embedded in the built environment, and how such socio-spatial constructions shape behaviour of different groups in society. Being active in research in the following areas: green buildings and individual preference based design planning; built environment and active living/healthy eating; and design/planning pedagogy helps in giving the very best to the upcoming designers.

JIMS believes in strong industry-academia connect. We strive to produce valuable human resources for the industry through the rigorous implementation of our revised and updated industry- oriented curriculum. 

With the fast changing trends , there is a continuous shift in corporate preferences with regard to the managerial roles offered. Therefore, in a market where skill is the new currency, we at JIMS develop and enhance the skill set of the students, so that they become masters of their trade and also strive hard to become entrepreneur.

Ms. Rupam Behl, Assistant professor
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Being an academician for the past one decade, I believe in shaping and carving the future of next generation designers to develop their knowledge and skills with balance of training in industry. In JCC we try to help students to develop curiosity towards their subject and constantly challenge them to make conscious and technically skilled professionals. In addition to academics we also focus on personality development and portfolio development of students in an effort to make them better person in their respective fields.

Mr. Abhishek Chakraborty, Assistant Professor – Fashion Design Department
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“There’s a will, there’s a way”

World is moving with the speed of light and sound. And this competitive world fashion anticipates tomorrow needs today. We at JCC provide congenial academic atmosphere in the college through quality and value oriented education.

The importance of keeping up with the latest trends and styles has become the need of the hours, hence we constantly help our students stay well informed and updated with the all that’s trending in the fashion world.

The unmatched experiences & opportunities that JCC has to offer, will help our students to get vital industry insights at an early stage andbroaden their vision to the plethora of opportunities that await to indulgence in the fashion industry.

JCC vision in the development of the student is comprehensive and progressive possibilities benefiting the institute and nation as a whole.

Prof. Narendra Kumar, Assistant Professor
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With the advent of Globalisation, there has been increased demand of multi-skill set employees in every sector. To remain competitive in this world, we here at JCC have designed our course structure ensuring all round development of the student. The curriculum has been designed taking care of the present day demand. Workshops, Summer Projects & Internships form the basis for providing Industrial Knowledge & Experience. We have inculcated technical aspects of Fashion as our core subjects where in students learn various Fashion Softwares. Students would be able to able to come out as a blend of Fashion Designer & Fashion Technologist.

Ms. Himani Aggarwal , Assistant Professor
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At JCC, Fashion Design & Technology course focus on Fashion branding, designing & technology. Fashion being industry integrated course, the student’s have huge exposure to the industry as they have interactive sessions with industry experts and designers. Student’s at Jims also work closely with industries and designers to gain complete practical approach with two months internship program. The creative programs and curriculum at Jims have trained multiple highly creative designers known and sought for their professional environment. The institute offers a new vision with three main pillars i.e Management, Savior faire & Professionalism under one roof preparing the future of Fashion budding designers. Where craftsmanship meets imagination and intuition meets the complete concept with consolidating and developing the creative world of Fashion. Jims is a place where creativity is the main key.

Ms.Rohini. S. Yaduvanshi, Assistant Professor
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