Graduate Degree - 3 Years

  • Advance Diploma
  • (Subjects)
  • +
  • Women's Writing
  • British Literature: The Early 20th Century
  • Modern Indian Writing in En glish Translation
  • Research Methodology
  • Project Evaluation-(Based on Internship)
  • Modern European Drama
  • Post Colonial Literature
  • Literary Theory
  • Project/Dissertation
The speciality of the 3 years degree program is to enlighten students about women writers who marked an impact on the English Literature and paved its way towards growth and uplifting of society in general and women in particular. British Literature will come in its full bloom in this program where the literary, innovative, linguistic and structural trends will be the focus of teaching. The program will also focus on Modern European Drama which flourished in 20th Century and Post Colonial Literature which came into existence as a response to colonialism and its aftermath. The students will be guided about mainstream literature and other genres of literature that makes this program fulfilling in nature. Research Methodology and different literary theories will be discussed and will enhance students' reception of literary works.
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