2 Year Advance Diploma

  • Diploma (Subjects)
  • +
  • American Literature
  • Popular Literature
  • British Poetry & Drama 17th & 18th Century
  • Academic Writing and Composition
  • Film Studies
  • British Literature 18th Century
  • British Romantic Literature
  • British Literature 19th Century
  • Contemporary India: Women and Empowerment
  • Creative Writing

The 2 years Advance Diploma provides students with better understanding of other significant genres of English Literature, which play an important role in its formation as the mainstream literary works. This course will enlighten students about literary trends of American Literature and Popular Literature in all literary forms like novels, drama, poetry, etc. British Literature plays an important role in history of English Literature and the literary trends of 18th Century & 19th Century will be given in-depth attention following the inovative ideas introduced by writers thematically and structurally. The concerns about women's empowernment discussed by writers of contemporary India will be part of the discussion. Writing Skills, academic or otherwise, will also be furnished.

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