Diet and Nutrition


Around the world, we find ourselves facing global epidemics of obesity, Type 2 diabetes and other predominantly diet-related diseases. To address these public health crises, we urgently need to explore innovative strategies for promoting healthy eating. 

There is strong evidence that global increase in the consumption of heavily processed foods, coupled with cultural shifts away from the preparation of food at home, have contributed to high rates of preventable, chronic diseases.

In this course, learners will be accustomed with information and practical skills they need to begin optimizing the way they eat. 

This course will shift the focus away from reductionist discussions about nutrients and move, instead, towards practical discussions about real food and the environment in which people consume it. 

By the end of this course, learners should have the tools they need to distinguish between foods that will support health and those that threaten it.

In addition, we will present a compelling rationale for a return to simple home cooking, an integral part of our efforts to live longer and have healthier lives.

The trained graduate will look after the well-being of masses helping them to lead a stress free and fulfilling life. 

Course Objective

The course provides an opportunity to interact with and learn from very successful, highly qualified and experienced professionals. Training towards becoming a nutritionist allows you to enter fastest growing area with more and more people require advice and guidance from nutritional needs.

The trained graduate will look after the well-being of masses helping them to lead a stress free and fulfilling life.

Course Highlights

  • On-hands training 
  • Practical knowledge
  • Training in hospitals
  • Age no bar

Beneficial For:

  1. Dietitians
  2. Students
  3. Housewives
  4. Health Fitness Professionals
  5. Fitness Trainers
  6. Sports Coaches
  7. Nursing staff & Physiotherapist
  8. Doctors/ Health


Minimum 50% marks in 10+2

Age no bar

Fee Structure

Total Fees(For 1 Year)


Total Fees_Diet Assistant(For 6 Months)


Total Fees_Diabetes Educator(For 6 Months)


Total Fees_Obesity & Weight Management(For 6 Months)

Rs. 30,000+Rs.5000(Security)

Total Fees_Sports Nutrition & Fitness Supplementation(For 6 Months)

Rs. 45,000+Rs.5000(Security)

Total Fees_Diabesity(Certificate Prog.)

Rs. 45,000+Rs.5000(Security)

Course Opportunity

According to Government statistics the health industry is among some of the fastest growing sectors today with strong growth projections.

  • Food and Nutrition Management
  • Nutritionist 
  • Sports Nutritionist 
  • Obesity Specialist 
  • Diabetes Educator 
  • Acupressure specialist
  • Assist Diet Plans for Business and Industrylike Food, IT, Neutraceuticals, Food Service Vendors, Restaurants, Sports Academies, etc.
  • Public Health Nutrition
  • Assist Related Health Professionals like Physicians, physiotherapists, Pediatricians, Surgeons, Weight Loss consultants, etc. in preparing Diet Chart for patients
  • Consultant/Private Practice (having prior professional knowledge


Auditorioum for seminars and workshop

Auditoriums are meant for huge gatherings where the workshops and seminars are being conducted. Experts are being called for giving special lectures on various concepts. Workshops are conducted to train the students and provide them with the expertise of designing products.

Studio for sheet work

Studios have been designed for the students to work on the projects. The infrastructure for studio is for working on sheets. It has high desks and bar stools for individual students to work separately on their projects.

Theory classroom with smart boards

Theory classrooms have blackboards and smart-board both in each class for making learning a smart learning. Presentations, lectures and discussion are different modes of teaching used in the classrooms.



Workshop on: 

  • Childhood obesity
  • Diabetes Dietary Management 
  • Healthy hair and skin 
  • Colour therapy (Acupressure) 
  • Food swaps 
  • Hormones Balance through diet 
  • Label reading 
  • Disease related exercise 
  • Gym based exercise training 

And many more ..

Meal preparation/ recipe making workshop for: 

  • Children
  • Low calorie 
  • PCOD
  • Diabetic friendly
  • Low cost food 
  • Cuisine cooking

And many more .....

Industrial Visits

  • Organic market
  • Food industry visit 
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