Fashion Design & Technology

3 Years Graduate Degree (Bachelor in Fashion Design and Technology) +

  • Basic Communication Skills
  • Fundamentals of Garment Manufacturing
  • Design Concepts and Fashion Illustration
  • Production & Operations Management
  • Fundamentals of Fashion Design
  • Fabric Science
  • Introduction to the Fashion Industry
  • Computer Applications
  • French-I
  • History of Fashion
  • Garment Construction
  • Pattern Making
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Knitting Technology
  • Summer Training /Project
  • Fundamentals of Garment Manufacturing-I
  • Computer Applications in Business Management
  • Basics of Financial Management
  • French-II
  • MOOC-I

The uniqueness of the 3 years degree programme is that it involves incremental acquirement of practical knowledge and skills through training session in a wide range of different subjects thus ensuring that fashion graduates are appropriately qualified for their future careers that enable students to have various job opportunities like Quality controller, Senior Fashion Designer, Senior Merchandiser, Production Manager, Retail Head, Visual Merchandiser Etc.

2 Years Diploma +

  • Computer Aided Designing
  • Advance Fashion Illustration
  • Advance Pattern Making
  • Advance Garment Construction
  • Surface Ornamentation
  • Draping
  • Quality Control and Management
  • Environmental Studies Plant Layout
  • Fashion Marketing and Merchandising
  • Advance Computer Aided Designing
  • Import & Export Management
  • Apparel Production Management
  • Fashion & Trends Forecasting
  • Summer Training/Project
  • Pattern Making- III & Garment Construction-IV
  • Product Development
  • Packaging Design

The 2 years Diploma provides a strong foundation to the students in skills like creation of innovative concepts, practical implementation of design concepts, planning of production, business administration and management skills that prepares them for various posts in the fashion industry, commercial sector and clothing manufacutring industries. Students are qualified to work as Fashion Designer, Merchandiser, Production Manager, Sampling Head, Store Manager, CAD Specilist, Fashion Stylist, Cosume Designer Etc.

1 Year Certificate +

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing & Retail Management
  • Personality Development
  • Factory Audit Process
  • Future of Fashion and Fashion & Social Responsibility
  • Fashion Buying & Sourcing and VM
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Product Innovation and Benchmarking
  • Portfolio Development
  • Project/ Internship

The one year certificate program lays a lot of emphasis on skill development of the students that equip them with knowledge, skills and abilities related to textiles, product design, clothing production techniques, on the provision of insight into fashion trends and the development of marketable clothing ranges. After completion of the one year certificate a student has the opportunity to work as - Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur, Pattern Maker, Sampling Co-odinator, Fashion Co-ordinator, Fashion Stylist, Freelancer, Accessory Designer, Production Supervisor Etc.

Course Objective

A broad based understanding of the subject together with a fundamental knowledge of textiles and business administration is required to be successful in the clothing business. Practice oriented skills are essential for those intending to work in the technical and theoretical areas of fashion design.

Furthermore, insight into target groups is decisive for successfully positioning products on the market. Similarly crucial is the ability to maintain quality standards, especially given the increased globalization of procurement markets.

Students majoring on Design see themselves as developers of clothing and fashion. They will be provided with in-depth training in the techniques of fashion design. The main elements of the course focus on the development of marketable clothing ranges,on the provision of insight into fashion trends, the creation of innovative concepts and the product and market oriented realization of these.

Course Highlights

JCC Fashion Design and Technology is among the most sort-after fashion design schools in India. The institute offers well-tailored fashion design courses for students, who aspire to carve a niche in fashion business. Our fashion design and technology programme train students to use colors, fabrics and ornamentation to craft different fashion items. Students can analyze recent fashion trends and learn about basic business and merchandising principles. The hands-on practice allows students to apply skills in interpreting and developing projects in the different areas of fashion, and add more value to their creativity.

Fashion design and technology courses focus on building ground work in terms of conceptualization, research, design sense and individual artistic expression. We are career focused and bring the industry into the classroom every day, offering real world opportunities for experience and employment.


Minimum 50% marks in 10+2 (best of four) including English

Fee Structure

Total Fees

Rs. 4,20,000 + Rs. 3000 Student Activity Fund (per annum) + Rs.5000 Security Deposit + Rs.4500 {(Industrial Visit + Certified Workshops) per annum + Rs. 15000 Admission Registration Fee (One time payment)}

Ist Installment (Payable at the time of Admission)

Rs. 95,000 {Rs.67,500 + Rs. 5000 (Security Deposit) + Rs. 3000 (Student Activity Fund) + Rs.4500 (Industrial Visit & Certified Workshop) per annum + Rs. 15000 Admission Registration Fee (One time payment)} payable at the time of admission.

IInd Installment

Rs. 67,500 payable by December 31, 2023

IIIrd Installment

Rs. 77,500 {Rs.70,000 + Rs. 3000 (Student Activity Fund)per annum + Rs.4500{(Industrial Visit+Certified workshop)per annum} payable by July 31, 2024.

IVth Installment

IVth Installment Rs. 70,000 payable by December 31, 2024

Vth Installment

Rs. 80,000 {Rs. 72,500 + Rs. 3000 (Student Activity Fund)per annum + Rs.4500 (Industrial Visit+Certified workshop)per annum} payable by July 31, 2025

VIth Installment

Rs. 72,500 by December 31, 2025.

Career Opportunity



Design Multimedia Lab

Multimedia labs is equipped with the latest design software like CorelDraw, Photoshop, Fashion Illustrator & TukaCad. These software helps the students to explore and help to evaluate mood, silloutes fabric and color along with technical application and innovation.

Pattern Making Lab

The Pattern Making lab is equipped with pattern tables, instruments & Fashion CAD pattern making software.

Garment Construction Lab

Garment Construction lab is equipped with the latest cutting table and Juki Machines. These facilities and services allow the students the freedom to experiment and generate creative ideas.

Dying & Printing

Dying & Printing lab is equipped with printing tables and other printing & dying equipments which help them to design in an innovative manner.

Resource Centre

Resource Centre is useful in providing all kinds of materials required by students in Fashion designing viz. Costume collection. Functional Materials, Accessories etc.

Draping Lab

Draping lab is equipped with dummies of UK-8 & 10 sizes.Students can enhance their skills in creating designer garments by the use of different fabrics in various ways.

Design Studio

The studio with slanting tables specially designed to make the designing process comfortable is needed, where the students can visualize their mind mapping to the final product, where a student can create their designs.


Bharat Tex 2024

JCC Department of Fashion Design and Technology students visited Bharat Tex 2024 where students had the opportunity to explore the future trends of the Apparel and Home Furnishing sector.

Activity for the development of Designer Trouser

Department of Fashion Design Organized a creative activity on the development of Designer Kids wear Trouser for second year students.

Activity on Save the loom of Chendamanglam,Kerala

Department of Fashion Design Organized an activity on Save the loom to create awareness about the condition of Weavers for first year students.

Activity on Batik & Block Printing Techniques

Department of Fashion Design organized activity on Surface ornamentation techniques (Batik & Block Printing) for second year students.These techniques are used to enhance the product.

Workshop on Gond Art

Fashion Design Department organised Gond Art Painting for 1st year students. Gond art is a form of painting from folk and tribal art that is practiced by one of the largest tribes in India – the Gond – who are predominantly from Madhya Pradesh. The work of Gond artists is rooted in their folk tales and culture, and thus story-telling is a strong element of every painting.

Workshop by Fevicryl on Surface Ornamentation techniques

Fashion Design Department organised workshop on surface ornamentation techniques by Fevicryl for first year students to enhance their creative skills.

Workshop on Scarf & Saree Drapes

Fashion technology students learnt how to drape stylist way to tie a scarf around the neck and body to create various dress styles which helped them use draping techniques in designing and how to wear a perfect saree which is largely used in Indian formal wear..

Workshop on Photography & Styling

Fashion Design Department organized a workshop on Styling & Photography for second & third year students.

Workshop on Quilling

Department of Fashion Design organized a workshop on quilling for first year students to teach them how to create quilling motifs.

Workshop on Sustainable Fashion

Fashion Design Department organised a three days workshop b FDCI Designer Sonia Jetleey & Stylist Anuj Lalwani  on Sustainable Fashion to create awareness about sustainability in Fashion Industry.

Workshop on Tie & Dye Technique

JIMWS Fashion Design Department organized Tie & dye method. Tie-dye is a method of tying or stitching fabric together to prevent the absorption of dye to a particular area, dyeing is the process of applying vivid colour on cloth to produce a design

Industrial Visits

Bagru and Sanganer visit

JIMS Fashion Design students visited Jaipur to gather knowledge about Jaipur textiles, vegetable dyeing printing techniques, Rajputana culture as well as rug industry.

Dilli Haat Visit

JIMS Fashion Design students visited Dilli Haat to understand about our Indian Handicrafts, Textiles and Culture.

DLF Mall of India

JIMS Fashion Design students visited DLF Mall of India, Noida to understand Visual Merchandising of different brands.

Garment Technology Expo

JIMS Fashion Design students visited Garment Technology Expo to gather knowledge about latest industrial machines and equipments.

India Art Festival

Students visitied India Art Festival to gain knowledge about art and culture

Modern Art Gallery

JIMS Fashion Design Students visited Modern Art Gallery to gather knowledge about different techniques of paintings as well as visual arts.

National Museum

JIMS Fashion Design Students visited National Museum to understand different civilization like Harappa, Mohenjadaro.

Nehru Place Visit

JIMS Fashion Design students visited Nehru Place to understand upcoming trends in prints and textiles.

Spectrum Pvt Ltd

JIMS Fashion Design students visited Spectrum Pvt Ltd., Kundli to understand Denim finishes.

Top Recruiters



Company Name



Amit Srivastava

Gaurav International



Anushka Saxena

Payal Malhotra Haute Couture



Gaurika Khanna

Tommy Hilfiger

Business Development Manager.


Jai Bhagwan

Frontier Raas



Muskan Kaul

Amit Aggarwal



Nikhil Narang

Ritu Kumar



Nitya Dawar

Dune London

Customer Relationship Manager


Pragya Bharadwaj

Dolly J

Assistant Production Manager


Priyanka Chauhan

Acacia Fashion Pvt Ltd



Rachana Vats

Lifestyle Pvt Ltd

Visual Merchandiser


Sakshi Sharma

Ejaaz Couture



Shalini Sharma

B L International



Shraddha Jain

Celestial Knits Pvt Ltd



Varsha Aggarwal

Harold Meagan



Aman Kumar Singh




Sakshi Chachan

Uni Qlo

Senior Personal Incharge


Tapish Amar

Shree Bharat International




Shantanu & Nikhil

Production Executive


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