Co-Curriculum Activities

Fastest Expression Evaluator

Data Structures and Algorithms is an integral part of any Information Technology course curriculum. To make it stronger Department of Information Technology conducted an activity called "Fastest Expression Evaluator" for undergraduate students. The activity was fun with learning. A healthy competition of evaluating expressions using Stacks. Students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Visit to Cloud Data Centre@ IIT Delhi

IT Department arranged a visit to Cloud Data Centre at IIT Delhi on March 6th 2021 for Final year Students. It was a great experience for students to see a Data centre architecture physically. The visit begins with explanation of the architecture in conference room at CSC, IIT Delhi where Prof Gopal Krishan highlighted the concept of virtualization, firewalls, backup, routers, switches and the abstract architecture of the data centre. The most interesting part of the visit was the visit to data centre with supercomputing facility. Students got opportunity to see Control Room, UPS Room, Power Supply, Cooling Plant, Racks, Multiple Blade Servers, Storage Servers, SAN and NAS etc.

IT DEBATE – Internet of Things- A Technological Revolution or a Curse

The skill of debating is essential for students. Indeed, debate activities can be an effective way to develop the skills needed to become a modern citizen in the 21st century, including collaboration, communication, and creativity proposed that we should dedicate elevated levels of energy to pursuits that provide the ability to sustain higher education.

Besides this when this debate is about technology, it becomes a learning platform to know the pros and cons of the technology. The Department of Information Technology, organized a Intra Departmental IT Debate with Topic “Internet of Things- A Technogical Revolution or a Curse” on February 19th 2021.The Debate Topic Internet of Things (IoT) was chosen as it could soon be as commonplace as electricity in the everyday lives of people. Important IoT application domains span almost all major economic sectors: health, education, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, electric grids, and many more. However, the incorporation of the IoT into people’s lives will require evaluating implications for their safety and privacy, including the security of their personal information and the development of appropriate safeguards .Students from all years enthusiastically participated in the debate where each team comprises of two members and they have to debate in motion and against the motion. The Judgement was made by Dr Ruchika Gupta (Associate Professor- Department of Mass Communication), Dr Deepti Khanna(Associate Professor- Department of Information Technology). Before Announcement of result an assessment about the debate done by students was performed by Mr Mohit Mathur- HOD-IT and some guidance and tips of debating were provided by Dr Ruchika Gupta. The Event concluded with Announcement of results. For students motivation Cash prizes and winning certificates were distributed to students, besides this each participant got participation certificates.

Poster Making Competition

Decoding pandemic Server- COVID 19 Impact on Cyber Security

The artistic and conceptual understanding for generating awareness is an important and crucial part of a student's life. A poster making competition can encourage and motivate the students to learn and generate awareness about the most important things in this century.

This competition enables students to share their ideas and perspectives for a particular topic, while also engaging in a competition for the best poster. The Department of Information technology organised an Inter Departmental Poster making competition i.e. DECODING PANDEMIC SERVER- Covid 19’s Impact on Cyber Security on February 25th 2021. This topic was chosen to make students aware of how cyber-crime is affecting lives of people around the globe and how much we are required to make ourselves aware of such crime.The field is becoming increasingly significant due to the increased reliance on computer systems. The idea behind the activity is to highlight the impact (Both Postive and Negative) on cyber Security. During Covid’19 the Cyber Crime rate graph shoots up as everyone has to rely on Online mode while staying at home. There are many privacy concerns surrounding cybercrime when confidential information is intercepted or disclosed. Cyber security is important because it encompasses everything that pertains to protecting our sensitive data. During Covid the Cyber Security got attention and improved in many web based applications. Students from all departments participated individually or in groups of 2 or 3. Almost 65 teams from all over the college gave active participation. The students were provide an hour to design poster. The judgement was made by Ms Namrata Chadhha(Head- Interior Design Department) and Ms Ambika Bhatia Chopra( Asst. Professor(Mathematics and Operations). The Activity concluded with announcement of results wherein 3 teams were chosen as winning teams and a special prize of Creative team was given. The winners got cash prizes and certificates of Excellence while all participants got participation certificate.

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